4 years?

So I guess it’s been 4 years since my last post.  Or maybe less.  Whatever, it’s definitely been some number of years.  I guess that shows you how much I like social media and technology.

Well, I’m more into music.  So I’m still drumming.  And still teaching.  I’m still not on the NFL.  Maybe that’s my next career.

Christmas Special

Happy to be involved in a Christmas Special. It will air on CBS on Christmas Eve at 11:30 pm EST. 130 singers and a 20 piece orchestra, all playing great Christmas music.

Hi there!

No, I am not an NFL running back. If you think I am, then clearly you’re in the wrong place.



I grew up in Wilton, studied music at WestConn, and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music in 2007.  After that I spent about 8 years working only as a drummer and private lesson teacher.  I spent time playing with a band called Mook (we don’t play anymore, but we made a great record -here and Spotify link here ).  I spent time playing with several singer/songwriters.  I’ve been on several tours. I lived in New York.  I played drums for a handful of Broadway Shows.  In 2015 I earned a Master’s of Music Education degree from University of Bridgeport.  Since then I have been lucky to work as a music teacher in Wilton Public Schools, while maintaining a private lesson studio and gigging every week.  Wanna know more?  Just ask.   cjohnsondrum@gmail.com


Chris’ CT Studio

Chris is pleased to offer private lessons out of his studio in Wilton, CT. His studio offers several state-of-the- art amenities, including two drumsets for teacher and student, practice pad station with front and profile mirrors, video recording capabilities, audio recording equipment, and a huge library of music and books. These teaching tools coupled with Chris’s experience and enthusiasm make lessons extremely fun and effective.


Chris is also very excited to offer Skype lessons. Please call or e-mail for lesson rates and availability.

Chris is proud to be a part of the following:


Chris is pleased to own gear.